OP HONOUR – 1st progress report600 reservists of the Montreal Territorial Battalion Group to train in Laval from January 22 to 24, 2016Breaking News -ISIL forces in Iraq initiated a coordinated attack against Canadian and Kurdish ForcesFirst wave of refugees set to arrive Dec. 10Defining ISIS, ISIL, The Islamic State and Daesh

OP HONOUR – 1st progress report

On Feb. 1, the Chief of the Defence Staff, Gen. Jonathan Vance, released the first progress report on addressing inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace, six months after Operation HONOUR was initiated. The report acknowledges that though the CAF is years away from a substantial cultural shift, it is making positive strides in executing Op....
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First wave of refugees set to arrive Dec. 10

After weeks of debates and preparations, Canada is just hours away from welcoming its first wave of Syrian refugees. A total of 10,000 refugees are expected to arrive into the country by the end of Dec., it is suspected many refugees from the first group are privately sponsored. The first group of refugees, set to arrive...
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Defining ISIS, ISIL, The Islamic State and Daesh

Turn on any news station these days and you will most definitely hear mention of the terrorist group plaguing much of the world today: ISIS. But discussions around the terror group can get confusing when different terminology is thrown around: ISIS, ISIL, the Islamic State, Daesh. So what do these terms mean? The Islamic State: This is...
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