Veterans Voices of Canada aims to grow movementSenate subcommittee releases report on transitioning from soldier to civilianOP HONOUR – 1st progress report600 reservists of the Montreal Territorial Battalion Group to train in Laval from January 22 to 24, 2016Breaking News -ISIL forces in Iraq initiated a coordinated attack against Canadian and Kurdish Forces

Veterans Voices of Canada aims to grow movement

As part of an initiative through Veterans Voices of Canada, on September 22, 128 flags will fly in each of the six cities currently represented. One flag represents 1,000 Veterans, killed, or missing-in-action from the First World War to Afghanistan. Veterans Voices of Canada seeks to ensure every Veteran is remembered. Allan Cameron, founder of Veterans...
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Senate subcommittee releases report on transitioning from soldier to civilian

On June 13 the Senate subcommittee released a report regarding the current system in place for CAF personnel transitioning out of the military. The report included 13 recommendations on how to improve the transition process. Currently, when a CAF member releases, the military member needs to wait a period of time before they will receive their...
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OP HONOUR – 1st progress report

On Feb. 1, the Chief of the Defence Staff, Gen. Jonathan Vance, released the first progress report on addressing inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace, six months after Operation HONOUR was initiated. The report acknowledges that though the CAF is years away from a substantial cultural shift, it is making positive strides in executing Op....
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