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Favourite photo December 7th 2017

22 Wing gets into the holiday spirit with North Bay Santa Claus parade Canadian and American service personnel and their families posted to 22 Wing North Bay, Ontario, participated in North Bay’s annual Santa Claus parade in November 2017. Accompanied by Canadian and American military members and their families, Skye Whitehead pilots his way through the crowds...
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Favourite Photo November 24, 2017

Crewmembers from Her Majesty's Canadian Ship MONCTON and members of the US Coast Guard conduct a boarding exercise during Operation CARIBBE, November 1, 2017. Des membres d’équipage du Navire canadien de Sa Majesté MONCTON et des membres de la Garde côtière américaine participent à un exercice d’arraisonnement au cours de l’opération CARIBBE, le 1er novembre 2017. Photo...
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Favourite Photo November 17th 2017

Ex Nihilo Sapper 17 4 Engineer Support Regiment Cape Breton residents at the former nihilo sapper main operating base for a community open house on Sunday, November 12. The 4th Engineering Support Regiment Welcomed residents of Cape Breton to the Main operating base from scratch in the framework of the open community day on Sunday 12...
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November 10th 2017

Tyne Cot Memorial Cemetery in Passchendaele, Belgium on November 5, 2017. Photo: Corporal Brandon James Liddy, Canadian Forces Combat Camera IS17-2017-0001-010...
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