Canadian Flag’s military rootsRetired military member starts a campaign to raise money for VAdm. Norman’s legal expensesChinese New Year welcomes the Year of the DogToronto Scottish Regiment set to host the Toronto Garrison Ball February 24Is the #metoo campaign a movement or a moment?

Canadian Flag’s military roots

Every year for the last 53 years, Canadians have come together to celebrate the history and significance of the Canadian flag on Feb. 15, National Flag Day. The road to the nation’s Maple Leaf flag was a turbulent one and was proceeded by decades of divide along British and French colonial roots, termed by historians as...
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Chinese New Year welcomes the Year of the Dog

Red envelopes and freshly made dumplings will be visible in houses across the country, and the entire world, as the Chinese community welcomes in the Chinese New Year on Feb. 16. Also known as the Spring Festival in modern China, and Lunar New Years in Asia, traditional Chinese New Year celebrations centre around the family. A...
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Is the #metoo campaign a movement or a moment?

According to a new survey of Canadian public opinion conducted by the Angus Reid Institute, the answer to that question depends on your gender and age. Younger Canadian women were found to have the strongest voices for change, while younger men are more open-minded in their views about what is and isn’t acceptable in the workplace. However,...
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