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Need a perfect BBQ recipe this weekend?

Grilled Veggie Pizza.        Ingredients: • 1 ¼ cup flour • 1 teaspoon yeast • 1/8 cup olive oil • ½ cup water • 1 teaspoon salt • Vegetables of choice • Grated cheese of choice • Balsamic Vinegar (optional) • Salt and pepper to taste Directions: 1. Mix the water and yeast together in the bowl...
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Whiskey BBQ Sauce

This is my absolute favourite BBQ sauce!!  When we are going to go camping I will make a batch.  At the beginning of summer, I’ll make a batch for the upcoming BBQ season. You can keep this BBQ sauce stored in your fridge for 4-6 months. This versatile BBQ sauce will have...
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Family Favourite Easter Recipes

Easter is a deeply sacred holiday for Christians around the world, that brings together families and at the heart of any good family gathering is good food. We’ve got you covered on some great recipes, and some classics with a twist, to enjoy with your family...

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Irish Inspired Recipes for St. Patty’s Day

Irish Braised Lamb Shanks:

Lamb Shanks are a very flavorful part of the lamb and will have your taste buds dancing in excitement. It seems like no matter what you make with lamb, guests and family go crazy when they hear lamb is on the menu. You...
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St Patrick Day recipes

The Wellness Soldier's Signature Pie:

This is a fun and healthy spin on Shepherd’s pie. With the use of ground turkey and roasted butternut squash and sweet potato mash, you will have your family talking at the dinner table, asking “Where did you buy this mom?” The...
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