Epi Pen RecallCanex launches healthy food choices program to promote healthier optionsTime to talk about mental healthProviding Mental Health Services to CAF Personnel and their familiesFeeling melancholy this Monday you may not be alone

Epi Pen Recall

The pharmaceutical company Pfizer Canada has released a recall for two types of EpiPens because they maintain defective parts which may result in a failure of the auto-injector. The EpiPen .3 mg (epinephrine) and EpiPen Jr .15 mg (epinephrine) have been recalled because of two reported incidents, outside of Canada, of failure to active the device...
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Canex launches healthy food choices program to promote healthier options

Whether you’re counting calories, watching your sugar or just want to live a healthier life, the newly launched program by Canex and Personnel Support Programs, BeneFit Healthier Choice, can help you to make the right choices next time you go grocery shopping. “When we look at military families, and really civilians in general, we are faced...
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Time to talk about mental health

January 25 has been designated as a day to break the shackles on mental health, let those who battle mental illnesses know that they need not suffer alone, and erase the taboos surrounding mental health, all goals for the seventh annual Bell Let’s Talk Day. To accomplish the mission, all Canadians are encouraged to get on...
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Feeling melancholy this Monday you may not be alone

Do you happen to feel particularly down in the dumps today as you drag yourself out of bed and force yourself to work? If you answered yes, then you can feel free to blame it on Dr. Cliff Arnall’s, a psychologist formerly of Cardiff University, carefully crafted formula determining today to be the most depressing...
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