Critical Illness insurance – alleviating the financial strain!Improper Will Leads to Lengthy ClaimChanges to current Environmental Allowance PolicyShining a Light on Christmas SpendingCanadian Armed Forces personnel who lost deployed tax relief could get it back

Critical Illness insurance – alleviating the financial strain!

We’ve read about it, seen it on TV and in our social media feeds: heart attacks, strokes and cancer are the top three illnesses afflicting Canadians, an increasing number of whom are more likely to become seriously ill in their lifetime, according to statistics. On a more positive note, statistics also indicate that ensuing recovery...
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Improper Will Leads to Lengthy Claim

This is an actual life insurance claim – names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals involved. “Ron,” a retired Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member, died at age 66. He was receiving a CAF pension and had had a $150,000 life insurance policy in place since 1992. The named beneficiary on his life...
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Changes to current Environmental Allowance Policy

Recent changes made to the Canadian Armed Forces’ environmental allowances have caused a stir amongst the political and military community; however, the CAF reassures the change was made in the interest of fairness and that it will work with those affected to prevent financial hardships. On Sept. 1, the Government of Canada rolled out a new...
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Shining a Light on Christmas Spending

Scrooge had it right from a budgeting point of view. He knew that the best way to achieve financial success over the Christmas period was to be antisocial.  According to A BMO survey released last year, the average Canadian spends an extra $1,400 at Christmas time, so by my calculation, the average family could save...
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