Erik the Red crosses over the Rainbow BridgeBecause whoever heard of working like a catBomb-sniffing U.S. Marine Corps dog awarded medal for serviceOP RUGGED FELINE AnnouncedSoldier reunited with his military service dog

Erik the Red crosses over the Rainbow Bridge

The beloved mascot and hero of not only the CSS Acadai, but the city of Halifax, Erik the Red, a Rodent Control Officer, passed away in early August following a brief illness. “A fixture on the waterfront since 1997, Erik was the last of the four Rodent Control officers who so proudly served aboard ship and...
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Because whoever heard of working like a cat

For thousands of years, dogs have had an intrinsic role in the lives of humans. After all, they aren’t our best friends for nothing. Considering how for centuries dogs have provided a helping hand in various industries of work, from farming to policing to protection, it only makes sense that a day is designated when people...
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Bomb-sniffing U.S. Marine Corps dog awarded medal for service

Earlier this week Lucca, bomb-sniffing U.S. Marine Corps German Shepard, was awarded the PDSA Dicken Medal. The medal is considered the world’s highest honour for a service dog. She is the first U.S. Marine service dog to receive the medal. Lucca has completed over 400 missions, survived an IED blast and now joins an elite group...
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New Unit Assembling Canadian Military Family Magazine recently received an inside scoop about a top-secret operation and, let’s just say, the cat is out of the bag. Entitled Operation RUGGED FELINE, this top-secret mission consists of training a 100 per cent feline unit. Known for their stealth and agility, and always landing on their feet, it is reported...
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Soldier reunited with his military service dog

They navigated the dangerous terrain in Afghanistan searching for bombs and creating a powerful bond that could mean the difference between life and death. Then, upon their return U.S. Army Specialist Vance McFarland and his tactical explosive detector dog, Ikar, were instantly separated; not knowing if they’d see each other again. McFarland was Ikar’s original handler....
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