The Government of Canada approves a grandfather clause in hardship and risks to members deployed on Operation IMPACTMarking National Family Caregiver DayIs the Government set to offer lifetime pensions in federal budget?Military couple receives funding to offer PTSD workshop to military and first responder familiesVeterans Transition Network hosting sessions to guide veterans with operational stress injuries

Marking National Family Caregiver Day

More than eight million Canadians, or one in four, today have taken on the role as caregiver, resulting in unpaid labour equalling $25 billion. To recognize the selfless contributions of Canada’s caregivers, the first Tuesday of April is designated as National Family Caregiver Day. This year’s theme “Caring at Home-Recognizing Caring Canadians,” draws attention to the millions...
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Is the Government set to offer lifetime pensions in federal budget?

The government is set to commit in Wednesday’s federal budget to offer disabled veterans the option of a lifetime pension by the end of the year, according to the Canadian Press. This move coincides with the Liberal party’s promise in the 2015 election to bring back the life pensions for injured veterans. Lifetime pensions were once offered...
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