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We created Canadian Military Family Magazine Ltd. to be a resource for military families. There have been many programs and resources created to benefit military families; however, the information often does not get passed along to military families. It is at no fault of the Canadian Forces, but how large the military community is. We are coast to coast to coast. We are in large cities and small communities across this great nation.

The dedicated team behind Canadian Military Family Magazine Ltd. knows this lifestyle well. We are military spouses, military brats, military members and retired members who have come together to create a product that fills a void. Canadian Military Family Magazine is a valuable resource for military families across the country. Our magazine and website will be a product that military families will utilize to find out what programs, initiatives and resources are available, as well as, find articles about everyday topics with a military lifestyle focus.

Along with creating a resource for military families we are also creating employment opportunities, as our team consists of graphic artists, web designers, editors, marketing and communications people, writers and photographers from across the country. This gives Canadian Military Family Magazine the national community flavour we are looking for and provides spouses in the media industry a secure income as they follow their military member across the country.

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Our website is a means that military family members can connect with other members in the military community to find out what is going on in their communities and in military communities across the country. We feature stories from our magazine on our website as well as create content specifically for the website.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to market your product or service to this unique demographic and be part this project. Our goal is to serve our readers, as well as, our advertisers. Our team has created a product that will benefit your business.


Please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated Advertising Team at 613.687.2106 or for more information.

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