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Want to know what we do behind the scenes?

Curious about what we do behind the scenes? Publishing and distributing a grassroots magazine is not as glamorous as you would think! I took a quick video of Cyndi and I preparing for delivery of our Spring issue. I didn't do a follow-up video, but I did find some pictures other times Cyndi and I...
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Elizabeth Peters- Naked Once More

Ex-Librarian turned author, Jacqueline Kirby, has to be one of the most entertaining and outrageous detective characters out there. She holds nothing back, loves drama, and causing mischief. She is also wonderfully clever, and dabbles in mystery solving. This book kept me guessing the whole way; there are twists and turns, memorable characters, and plenty...
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Persuasion- Jane Austin

I couldn't help it - I just couldn't resist... It was so pretty, with quotes on the lovely blue cover,  each in a different font. And it was really well made - the pages are actually sewn together instead of just glued. To top it off, it is one of my favourite books by one...
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