Royal Canadian Mint’s releases coin to mark Dieppe Raid CAF Imagery Contest celebrates 50th anniversaryThe Amazing Race Canada celebrates HeroesCanadian Naval Review’s (CNR) essay competition underwayNepean Veterans plaque program gets reinstated

Royal Canadian Mint’s releases coin to mark Dieppe Raid 

Commemorating soldiers for their bravery and sacrifice on coins has been a long tradition for the Royal Canadian Mint, and they are proud to announce the issuing of their 2018 $20 Fine Silver Coin – A Nation's Mettle: The Dieppe Raid, among many other memorable keepsakes this month.  Designed by accomplished coin designer Laurie McGaw,...
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CAF Imagery Contest celebrates 50th anniversary

This year marks the 50th annual CAF Imagery Contest. Since 1968 the contest has been celebrating the many talented photographers who capture life in the Canadian Armed Forces. With the advancing of technology and changing times, the CAF Imagery Contest began accepting video submissions in addition to photography. Photographers can submit up to eight photos for either...
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The Amazing Race Canada celebrates Heroes

The sixth season of The Amazing Race Canada is set to begin on July 3, 2018. On this season of The Amazing Race Canada, they will be celebrating Canadian Heroes. On June 14, it was revealed who the 10 teams would be, and they include RCMP, RCAF pilots, navy sailors, community volunteers, and a pair of...
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Canadian Naval Review’s (CNR) essay competition underway

Are you someone who is interested in issues affecting the Royal Canadian Navy and maritime security? Then the Canadian Naval Review’s (CNR) essay competition might be right for you. “This competition reflects our commitment to bolstering academic outreach in defence #StrongSecureEngaged,” they wrote on Facebook. The CNR is looking for essay submissions relating to one of nine...
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Nepean Veterans plaque program gets reinstated

After five years, the Nepean Museum in Ottawa has decided to bring back the program, Celebrating Canada’s Best, or Poppy Plaque Program. “Nepean Museum used to be run by a community board, and the City of Ottawa took over operations. So, when we took over operations, the program wasn’t active at the time,” said Brahm Lewandowski,...
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