Daughter learns of father’s service during Second World War reading newspaper articleBusiness honours fallen with 11,800 flags of honour11 days of Remembrance- Passchendaele11 days of Remembrance – Red ImageRemembering Captain Tim Bowman

Business honours fallen with 11,800 flags of honour

As a gesture of gratitude to the Canadian heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice, Manulife held its third annual ceremony to honour the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) on Thursday, Nov. 2. A key part of this ceremony is the planting of 11,800 Canadian flags to honour the 118,000 members of the CAF who have given their...
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11 days of Remembrance- Passchendaele

The Battle of Passchendaele was one of the most iconic yet gruesome battles that the Canadian Corps took part in during the First World War. This year mark’s the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele. Conditions were exacerbated for the soldiers because of the endless rains and the death toll was high. Although, when reflecting on this...
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11 days of Remembrance – Red Image

When the CMF Magazine team was combing through pictures we were lost as to what image would best represent today’s theme of “red” for Veteran’s Affairs Canada’s 11 Days of Remembrance initiative. Suggestions were made, including the Canadian flag, however, we were really looking to find a red image that was powerful, that truly represented remembrance....
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Remembering Captain Tim Bowman

Known for his “amazing smile and cheerful personality” husband, father, son, brother and friend Capt. Timothy Bowman tragically and suddenly passed away in September. Capt. Bowman had gone missing a month prior and was later discovered near Milton Island, just east of Kingston, ON. In the wake of the Bowman families tragedy, an education fund has been...
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