Remembering Trooper Brian GoodNational Field of Honour hosts Remembrance Day CeremonyManulife Financial Corporation honours Canada’s fallenEducating students about Remembrance DayLiving Tribute to be planted along Highway of Heroes

Remembering Trooper Brian Good

During the 14 years of the Afghan Conflict, 158 soldiers of the Canadian Armed Forces were killed in action. One of these soldiers was Trooper Brian Good, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2009. He is one of the many soldiers recognized by the “They Too Shall Remember” project. It was a cold day in early...
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National Field of Honour hosts Remembrance Day Ceremony

The final resting place for soldiers who may have fought in the War of 1812, the Second World War or the Korean Conflict, the National Field of Honour is the perfect place to honour the fallen at the Last Post Fund’s Remembrance Day Ceremony. “The National Field of Honour, in Pointe-Claire, is a beautiful, peaceful location...
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Manulife Financial Corporation honours Canada’s fallen

The international financial services group, Manulife Financial Corporation, donated $50,000 to True Patriot Love (TPL) as part of their inaugural ceremony, “Remembering the Fallen,” to commemorate and honour the Canadian Armed Forces. The ceremony was held on Nov. 4 at the global headquarters of the company in Toronto. “Canadians owe a great deal to those who...
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Educating students about Remembrance Day

Disappointed in the lack of empathy many children showed for Remembrance Day, two small town teachers made it their mission to bring the stories from the Afghan Conflict to students. Since their project, “They Too Shall Remember,” launched in 2012, the pair has made dozens of videos to educate children on the importance of remembrance. Brian...
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Living Tribute to be planted along Highway of Heroes

Plaques, names carved in stone, monuments, all are beautiful tributes for the fallen heroes of Canada. But what about creating a tribute that grows, changes, gives life and stands tall for hundreds of years, a tribute that serves as a constant reminder to Canadians as they travel from one destination to another? This was the inspiration...
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