B&B for Vets is back

This Remembrance Day B&B’s across Canada are welcoming veterans and military personnel to enjoy a free night of a unique getaway as part of the “B&B for Vets” initiative by BBCanada.

Veterans and military personnel can choose to stay at any participating B&B across Canada on either Nov. 10th or Nov. 11 2015.

“BBCanada just wanted to reach out to the Vets and thank them and this is a perfect occasion because it happens every year to reach out. The reason behind doing it is just to thank our veterans and military personnel for their commitment to Canada,” said Lisa Le Chatton.

The idea originated in the U.S. in 2008 and was later adopted by BBCanada. This is the fifth year B&Bs in Canada are hosting veterans.

“The response on both sides is overwhelming. It’s amazing because the vets themselves are incredibly touched by the generosity of the hosts and then the hosts are so good about their generosity and gesture they’ve made. They write in to say how thrilled they were with the whole experience. Some of the letters and emails we get are very touching,” said Chatton.

Some B&B owners have been so moved by the experience, according to Le Chatton, that they offer discounted rates throughout the year to veterans and military members. These offers can be found as part of the Canadian Forces Appreciation Program.

To-date 77 B&Bs nationwide have graciously listed their establishment to be a part of this initiative, but the number is expected to rise. Last year, close to 150 B&Bs participated.

BBCanada’s Facebook page features various B&Bs participating in the “B&Bs for Vets” initiative with pictures and contact information.

Proudly Canadian owned and operated, BBCanada was founded in 1994 by President J.D. Robbins. BBCanada has grown to become one of the largest travel websites in Canada, connecting B&Bs across the country to clients.

To see a full list of all the participating B&B in your area visit their website for more information.


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