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Favourite photo April 6 2018

Photo by Gunther Verhaverbeke Photography via Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) Regimental Society @Strathconas Reconstitution Charge of the Cavalry Battle of Moreuil Wood As Canadian cavalry fought through the wood, they were channelled eastwards by German machine gun fire. Simultaneously, units of the Royal Canadian Dragoons were forced to wheel into the woods at...
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Favourite Photo, March 30th, 2018

Caption: Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship KINGSTON sails under an early morning rainbow off the coast of West Africa during Operation PROJECTION on March 26, 2018. Photo: Sgt Shilo Adamson, Canadian Forces Recruiting Group Headquarters, CFB Borden...
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Favourite Photo March 23rd 2018

CAF members deployed on #OpNUNALIVUT spent their Saturday evening with Cambridge Bay community members. Drums Dancers, throat singers, square dancers and military displays were in place to entertain everyone! Photo: Leading Seaman Valerie LeClair © 2018 DND-MDN Canada   ...
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