Deployment Checklist to Keep YOU Sane and Happy!TIPS FOR FLYING SOLO THIS VALENTINE’S DAYCelebrating Despite the CircumstancesHolidays Without the Ones You LoveBring Yourself Back in Balance Part One

Deployment Checklist to Keep YOU Sane and Happy!

If you are currently experiencing or getting ready for a deployment, chances are that you are very focused on ensuring that everyone around you is ready (as they can be) and supported. I am sure you are worrying about how they will manage, what you can...
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I have often felt that Valentine’s Day was not only a commercial enterprise, but a day put on this earth to remind all the people without someone special around of how alone they were. It can be a difficult day for a military wife, as it is usually a prime time of year for deployments...
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Celebrating Despite the Circumstances

Best of Fall 2014-01Military life comes with a lot of unexpected twists and turns but one of the hardest to overcome is accepting the reality that holidays, celebrations and a ton of special events may not be the way you want them to – you may...
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Holidays Without the Ones You Love

In my opinion, a large part of military life is having to adapt to change.  One of the most difficult things to adapt to is having to celebrate special holidays, occasions and events without your entire family being together.  Missing these events is a part of what military...
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Bring Yourself Back in Balance Part One

By Megan Egerton There is no better time than the start of the new year to think about where you are at in terms of your military life. It may be the perfect time to re-prioritize, get organized, re-assess how you are doing, how your relationships are working, what you need and what you don’t need...
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