Heartworm in Dogs and CatsMoving and PetsKeeping Your Pets Safe this Festive Season

Heartworm in Dogs and Cats

What Every Pet Owner Should Know By Heidi Wagg Heartworm is a potentially deadly—yet highly preventable—disease that most commonly attacks dogs, but occasionally strikes cats as well. The pesky mosquito is responsible for spreading the illness by depositing microscopic heartworm larvae into the bloodstream of animals when it strikes. Once inside, a slow journey begins to the victim’s...
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Moving and Pets

Dr. MICHELLE SCANTLAND When you are ready to move in, pick one room and set up the same pet things that you had in the room before the move. Familiar smells will go a long way to helping your pet feel at home. It will also keep them out of the way while your furniture and...
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Keeping Your Pets Safe this Festive Season

Dr. Michelle Scantland The holiday season is here. It’s a time to celebrate with friends and family and in some cases with our pets! If you plan to be away for the holidays make sure you plan for proper care of your pets. Visiting a boarding kennel and booking ahead is important as this is one...
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