Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) make a dream come true for terminally ill girlCouple offers ranch to serve as refuge for PTSD victims in Kamloops, BCBritish Columbia Teacher’s Federation controversial poster withdrawn after teacher, military spouse, creates petitionRaising awareness toward Team Rubicon CanadaA new milestone for Operation Veteran

Couple offers ranch to serve as refuge for PTSD victims in Kamloops, BC

Golden age couple Rick and Donna Wanless have offered to use their 25-acre hobby farm on the edge of the Thompson River as a refuge for PTSD affected military members, veterans, and first responders.

The refuge will be will offer free of charge treatment programs with psychologists and clinical resources brought in directly...

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Raising awareness toward Team Rubicon Canada

Earlier this month Minister of Veterans Affairs, Kent Hehr, hosted a parliamentary reception for the Canadian pendant of Team Rubicon Global. The reception aimed to shed light on a movement that started a year ago, which has already deployed some 40 members, all volunteers, to countries in need following disasters.

Team Rubicon unites...

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A new milestone for Operation Veteran

Last Friday Operation Veteran celebrated a new milestone, 11,000 free meals distributed to veterans visiting the Canadian War Museum since the launch of this collaboration, seven years ago.

This singular program is particularly appreciated as it engages students and teachers across the country, which plan and organize fundraising activities in their local communities...

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