Connecting in Your CommunityRésumé Distribution Tips – Soft CopyRésumé Distribution Tips – Hard CopyHelping the Kids Find a Summer Job

Connecting in Your Community

BARB STEGEMANN I have lived in six provinces and every time I sing Oh Canada it brings back fond memories of a diverse collective of warm neighbors, colleagues and clients from St. John’s Newfoundland to Port Moody BC. Having moved around so much I am often asked if I was in the military. I reply, “No,...
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Résumé Distribution Tips – Soft Copy

By Audrey Prenzel, CARW, CEIC, B.A., B.Ed Once your résumé is good to go, you’ll be eager to hit the job market! Take a moment to review these tips to make it successful as you apply online or via email.
  1. Label your file in a professional manner. For example don’t use something like “Audrey’s updated res winter...
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Résumé Distribution Tips – Hard Copy

By Audrey Prenzel, CARW, CEIC, B.A., B.Ed Your résumé is done. It is perfectly formatted, grammatically correct and there are no misspellings. The key word section is clearly evident. You are ready to get the résumé out there working for you. To maximize the effectiveness of this marketing tool, be sure to consider these points.
  1. Use good...
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Helping the Kids Find a Summer Job

By Megan Venner The key to finding a summer job when facing the extra challenge of a posting in the same year is starting early says Debi Genereux of the Comox Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC). Even if kids haven’t moved to the new base, they can start their job hunt now. Genereux recommends visiting their...
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