To Stand On GuardGetting Organized for Back-to-SchoolPreparing for DeploymentsGoing Crazy in the Green MachineEmpty Nest

To Stand On Guard

best_of_fall_2015-01Standing sentry to Canada's National War Memorial is considered a privilege to members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

The days are long, the weather unpredictable and standing in one position for hours on end is hard on a soldier’s body, but the iconic sentries would...

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Getting Organized for Back-to-School

best_of_fall_2015-01Back-to-School is a huge deal for families with children. While it’s the “most wonderful time of the year” for some folks, it can also be a huge challenge to get organized and ready for what has become the real New Year for many families....

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Preparing for Deployments

best_of_fall_2015-01In so many ways, you can never fully prepare yourself for a deployment.  They are exhausting, lonely, long and present challenges that you can’t begin to imagine. But… it isn’t all gloom and doom.  They are also opportunities to learn about who you are, what you...

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Going Crazy in the Green Machine

best_of_fall_2015-01By Derrick Nearing (PO1 Ret) MMM, CD2

    Derrick Nearing initially joined the Reserves as a Field Engineer in Fall of 1976 until he was caught underage and released in June 1977. When old enough in 1979, he joined the Reserves and...

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Empty Nest

best_of_fall_2015-01It’s been three years since Leona Stein’s two boys moved out of the house but she still finds it a little difficult when her children go back to university or life in the military after a visit home.

“I find when they come home to...

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