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The True Cost of Caring for Fido

best_of_fall_2015-01Accepting a posting from one province to another has its challenges, including finding a new veterinarian for four-legged family members. The differing costs of veterinary fees from province to province, even clinic to clinic can leave pet owners frustrated and confused.

Fees-for-service are actually a...

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Can you save my spot for me?

best_of_fall_2015-01Article by: Chad Phinney

So you find out that your spouse is posted, and you’re thinking to yourself, “I really don’t want to give up my position in the federal public service.  After all, it has great benefits, pays well and I enjoy it.” Read more

Networking to Success

best_of_fall_2015-01Networking begins with you. You are accountable for business growth. You are the one who sets your action plans in motion to ignite your success.  The growth of Women Mean Business network is a testament to the power of networking. Six months before its launch in...

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Keeping RMC Alumni Connected

best_of_fall_2015-01William Oliver’s thirty-seven year career in the military is characterized by an outstanding list of achievements from coaching two national softball teams competing against the U.S. to being Director of Athletics at the Royal Military College (RMC). But one of Bill’s most far-reaching accomplishments took...

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