Stamps issued to Commemorate Navy CentennialNew Benefit CardThe Military Families Fund: Supporting Those Who ServeMilitary Families Honoured with $1.5 Million GiftHelping CF Youth Cope with Parent’s Operational Stress

Stamps issued to Commemorate Navy Centennial

Stamps issued to commemorate the Canadian Navy’s 100th Anniversary To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Navy, Canada Post has issued two stamps depicting the past and present of Canada’s naval service. The first stamp features one of Canada’s first naval warships, HMCS Niobe, with a picture of an unknown sailor taken around 1910. The...
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New Benefit Card

Nov 1st marks a new era for submitting prescription drug receipts. As of Monday, gone is the practice of collecting drug receipts and sending them into the medical plan provider, Sun Life Financial. The Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) has enhanced their health care coverage by introducing the new PSHCP benefit card. "I want to encourage...
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The Military Families Fund: Supporting Those Who Serve

By Julie Simmonds Since 2007, the Military Families Fund (MFF) has helped 560 military families and members in times of need. Covering anything from counseling expenses to academic support, the MFF has dished out $800,000 to assist military families where other funding options weren't available. From the legacy of General Rick Hillier, the MFF was created in...
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Military Families Honoured with $1.5 Million Gift

Submitted by velocitypublic relations Huge outpouring of support for Operation: Western Front Vancouver, BC – March 3, 2011 – Operation: Western Front (OWF) – a very special initiative organized by mission commanders and philanthropists Warren M. Spitz and W. Brett Wilson to raise awareness and funds for military causes – has collected a stunning $1.5 million in...
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Helping CF Youth Cope with Parent’s Operational Stress

By Jill Kruse The pilot program to help youth learn about and better cope with parents who’ve experienced operational trauma is a success and the creators plan to offer the program nationally and eventually internationally. Jennifer Fairbank, Program Administrator for Youth of Parents Who’ve Experienced Trauma (YPET), says the program is for youth ages 12-18 who are...
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