Ontario College of Trades helps Veterans further their military skills

Ontario College of Trades wants to help Canadian Armed Forces members and Veterans transition from military to civilian life. The college offers a way for CAF members and Veterans to take their learned military skills and transition them seamlessly into a civilian career.

Through their Trade Equivalency Assessment, CAF members and Veterans can see where their military trade certificate fits with an equivalent apprenticeship program.

“Through this process, the college assesses a tradesperson’s skills and prior work experience, regardless of the province or country they were obtained, through a fair and straight-forward process that helps them gain access to Ontario’s skilled trades industry,” said Ontario College of Trades.

From there, those who have been approved through this process are eligible to try their hand at the Certificate of Qualification exam. The exam is used to determine the level of competency for potential new members of the Journeypersons Class.

Potential apprenticeships include:

Military Trade    –Ontario Civilian Trade – Red Seal

Marine Engineering Technician    –Industrial Mechanic Millwright

General Machinist

Electrical Technician (formerly Marine Technician)   – Industrial Electrician

Vehicle Technician    –Automotive Service Technician

Heavy Duty Equipment Technician

Truck and Coach Technician

Material Technician    –Welder

Refrigeration and Mechanical Technician   – Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic

Electrical Distribution Technician    –Electrician – Construction and Maintenance

Plumbing and Heating Technician    –Plumber

Construction Technician    –Carpenter

Cook    –Cook

“Applicants who have a Canadian Certificate of Military Achievement with a Qualification Level 5 (QL5) or Developmental Period 2 (DP2) rating in one of nine matched trades are only required to submit a copy of their Member’s Personnel Record Resume (MPRR) as evidence of qualifications and experience to be approved through the TEA process,” noted Ontario College of Trades.

The college also goes one step further to assist CAF reservists, Veterans, and their families by offering them the fee-exemption program, excluding them from fees like:

    New and existing members of the College’s Apprentices Class – exempt from annual membership fees ($60 plus HST) for up to five years (cumulatively).

    Equivalency applicants—exempt from any application fees, including: 

Detailed skills and experience assessment fee ($235 plus HST); and

Canadian military trade qualification—credential verification fee ($50 plus HST).

Out-of-province certificate—credential verification fee ($50 plus HST).

When the Certificate of Qualification exam has been completed and passed, they’re ready for apprenticeship, allowing them to earn while they learn. 

An apprenticeship can take anywhere between two and five years.

“So far, 85 military applicants have successfully applied for the College’s TEA program for veterans and have gained certification in their skilled trade in the province,” said Ontario College of Trades. “Our veterans and serving reservists face many challenges in transitioning into a civilian career and may need support to ensure a successful transition. They possess a unique combination of skills, qualities, knowledge, and experience that offer tremendous potential in the civilian workforce.”

The numerous skills gained serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, such as teamwork, attention to detail, problem-solving, and leadership, are not only valued by prospective employers, but also transferrable to a variety of possible careers in the skilled trades.

“The skilled trades correlate with many military skills and offer many rewarding careers that offer excellent wages and benefits, as well as the opportunity for growth and career advancement,” said Ontario College of Trades. “Apprenticeship is the primary training pathway for the trades, and apprentices get paid while they learn the skills of the trade and attend in-school training, as well as the opportunity to receive grants and tax credit incentives.”

For more information on how you can apply for the Ontario College of Trades Trade Equivalency Assessment, visit their website here.


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