Centre of Excellence and Chair in Military Mental Health EstablishedSurviving Seasonal StressPreventing Sports Concussions in KidsHelp, My Child is a BullyHelping the Bullied Child

Centre of Excellence and Chair in Military Mental Health Established

This past December the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) established a national Canadian Military and Veterans Mental Health Centre of Excellence and created a Chair in Military Mental Health in partnership with The Royal Ottawa Health Care Group. The establishment of this Centre of Excellence and the Chair are part of a number of recent enhancements by...
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Surviving Seasonal Stress

Achieving mental health requires striking a balance in all areas of life including, social, spiritual, physical, economic and mental. At certain times of the year, the balance may be tipped too far in one direction. Everyone’s personal balance is unique, but everyone has the same goal, staying mentally healthy by achieving the right balance. “The toughest times...
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Preventing Sports Concussions in Kids

Concussions are a common occurrences for children and youth who play sports and can have serious consequences, however, with due diligence they can be avoided. Concussions are brain injuries caused by a blow to the face, head or neck, and are the most common form of head injury for athletes. Concussions happen when the brain hits...
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Help, My Child is a Bully

Finding out your child may be a bully can come as a shock to parents. Deciding what to do with the information, and what your next steps will be can influence positive outcomes for everyone involved. It’s important to know if your child is indeed a bully. The bully is someone who actively seeks out weaker...
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Helping the Bullied Child

The effects of bullying can be serious and impact a child’s sense of self-worth and safety for a lifetime. It is important to take bullying seriously and not just brush it off. As a parent, if you suspect your child is being targeted, knowing what steps to take can be difficult, especially if your child refuses...
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