Army Reserve Hosts Open House and Job Fair Sept. 29

The second nation-wide Army Reserve Open House and Job Fair will be held on Saturday, Sept. 29 in armouries across Canada.

The Open House and Job Fair will take place at nearly 123 units in 117 communities as part of a national recruitment initiative intent to promote awareness in each community about their local reserve unit. While the venue gives the unit a chance to demonstrate their equipment and capabilities, it also informed potential recruits about the type of occupations offered, employee benefits, and the application process. 

Interactive displays and activities will give visitors an idea of the full range of career and learning opportunities available in the Army Reserve and serving reservists will be available to share their trade knowledge and experience.

Sean Chase photo
Gunner Erich Goodwin, from 42nd Field Regiment based in Pembroke, Ontario, shows Kaylee Majer, 11, how to handle a C-6 General Purpose Machine Gun, while her sister, Melanie, 14, (right) goes through the weapons drills on the C-9 Light Machine Gun during a 2017 open house.

The Canadian Armed Forces reserves offers part-time and full-time employment opportunities; guaranteed employment in your local community; an indeterminate terms of service; competitive health and dental benefits; and education reimbursements for students attending post-secondary education. 

Reservists have played significant roles in missions here and overseas, including major deployments to Afghanistan, Latvia, and the Ukraine. Unless they choose to do so, Reservists are not required to accept postings outside their communities in Canada or on overseas missions, unlike Regular Force members.

To meet the basic eligibility criteria, you must be 16 years of age (with parental consent), a Canadian Citizen, and have completed an academic level of Grade 10 or Secondaire 4.

Once you’ve determined you have met that basic eligibility all you need to do is apply online at and submit an online application. After completing an online application, you will be contacted by your local Primary Reserve recruiter, and then you will begin the application processes. The application process involves a Canadian Forces Aptitude test (CFAT), fitness evaluation, medical questionnaire and examination, various types of background checks, an interview, and finally the enrolment into the Primary Reserve.

Recently, the Canadian Army has been implementing “Strengthening the Army Reserve,” or StAR). This is an ongoing campaign to continue to build a stronger Army Reserve through a more efficient recruiting process, the assignment of more mission tasks to Reservists, improved training, and better access to equipment.


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