Celebrating man’s best friend on National Dog Day

National Dog Day has been celebrated on August 26, annually since 2004. It was founded by pet and family lifestyle expert, Colleen Paige, who also founded National Puppy Day, Cat Day, Mutt Day, and so many more days to help celebrate the many different pets out there.

August 26 is a significant day for Paige, as it was the same day she and her family adopted their first dog, Sheltie when Paige was just ten years old. 

Paige is aiming to use National Dog Day as a platform to promote the adoption of dogs and other pets.

A long-time dog owner, Carmen Hartgerink, said she grew up with a dog and knew she’d want to continue that with her own family.

“They become a part of your family and are such a big comfort,” she added.

She and her family currently own two dogs, Loki (7) and Mika (5). They adopted Loki when he was just eight weeks old, Hartgerink said she knew she always wanted a mixed breed and Loki was just that. Later on, it was decided they wanted a playmate for Loki and adopted Mika when she was six months old.

Hartgerink shows love and affection for her two dogs by snuggling with them, petting them, playing with them, and giving them treats.

If you’re not sure how to celebrate National Dog Day with your furry friend, or you don’t have a dog, but still want to help out, compiled a list of ways you can celebrate, such as adopting a dog on the day, donating dog supplies to your local animal shelter, sending a dog-related gift to a dog in your family, buying your own dog a special treat or toy, and many more.

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