Three UBQ Kids Participate in CBC ProjectChildren of Soldiers: The Kruse FamilyChildren of Soldiers: An Update – The Mills Family

Three UBQ Kids Participate in CBC Project

Julie Simmonds What does Remembrance Day mean to our military children today as our soldiers continue to embark on Canada’s mission in Afghanistan? Three Ubiquitous teens took part in the popular web-based project called “We Remember,” a production of the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC), where they share their stories about life in a military family. Read more

Children of Soldiers: The Kruse Family

Joan Dixon Reviewed by Ubiquitous last fall, the 2010 NFB documentary film, Children of Soldiers: Life Under the Flag, followed families affected by recent deployments. One family lost their soldier father. One family is dealing with physical and mental (PTSD) repercussions. One family lives apart from their soldier, five years running. And at least one family is watching the next...
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Children of Soldiers: An Update – The Mills Family

By Joan Dixon In many important ways, life hasn’t changed much for the Mills children since their brief stint participating in military spouse, Claire Corriveau’s documentary Children of Soldiers. They continue to live apart from their soldier dad, Warrant Officer Scott Mills and Madeline Mills, their eldest daughter, has left the nest to pursue her dreams, which...
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