Op Santa Claus Faces New DemandNever Quit Foundation Annual Motorcycle RideNot Just Clowning AroundPeaceQuest Welcomes DialogueOne Soldier and His Art

Op Santa Claus Faces New Demand

Op Santa Claus Faces New Demand Operation Santa Claus was started in 1991 by a group of Montreal military spouses who prepared Christmas packages for members on Peacekeeping missions. In essence, these packages were intended as a caring gesture, sending a message of gratitude to Canadian troops for their sacrifice. The packages included greeting cards from...
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Never Quit Foundation Annual Motorcycle Ride

The Fifth Annual Never Quit Foundation Motorcycle Ride took place on September 6, 2014. “It was a great day. It's only $25.00 to register for the ride. We just add $5.00 for each extra rider, of course we accept donations along the way. Weather is always something we have to consider. We hope for sun,...
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Not Just Clowning Around

Looking for a hobby? This retired military member isn't just clowning around. “I have a goal to clown for 6000 hours. Think about that for a minute. That's a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of smiles,” said retired Air Force member, and active Shriner, Craig McPhee. When McPhee was a child, he...
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PeaceQuest Welcomes Dialogue

PeaceQuest is a non-profit organization based in Kingston, Ontario. Its mission, to initiate conversations around peace and to cultivate Canada's deeply held commitment to peace. Members hope to stimulate a nation-wide conversation about the country’s role in peacemaking, reconciliation and social justice. “We are a completely volunteer organization, without staff or an office. I think...
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One Soldier and His Art

OneSoldierandHisArt_ARTICLE2 New recruits used to enter basic training in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. That's where MCpl David Collier began his military career in 1987. His artistic abilities did not go unnoticed. One week into his ten week basic course he was told to produce a comic every Sunday...
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