Parenting Tips to Reduce StressWes Kennedy: Elite Training ProgramsUniversality of Service The Urban Gourmet Co.Want to be an Entrepreneur?

Parenting Tips to Reduce Stress

best_of_fall_2015-01Greg Lubimiv, MSW, CACPT-S

Executive Director Phoenix Centre for Children and Families

With summer coming an end and autumn approaching quickly, many families are either looking forward to the start of school or dreading it….or perhaps both. The start of school, for many parents,...

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Wes Kennedy: Elite Training Programs

Best of Fall 2015-01It was time for a change, that is how Wes Kennedy describes his decision in 2013 to move from a career in the Canadian Armed Forces, including five years as a Special Forces Operator, to becoming an online fitness coach. “I knew I wanted...
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Universality of Service 

Best of Spring 2015-01The spring and summer months are a time where many Canadians muster enough motivation to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. For military personnel, however, health and fitness is not only a lifestyle choice, but a legally defendable job requirement. Most military family...
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The Urban Gourmet Co.

Best of Spring 2015-01As part of the Canadian Special Operations Regiment, Tracey Dean discovered what would eventually be her new business while serving in Sicily. “I always liked good food and I always liked olive oil and balsamic...[in Sicily] I was introduced to real olive oil and...
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Want to be an Entrepreneur?

Best of Spring 2015-01There are many aspects to think about before taking the big leap into starting your own business. In our Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur program, we offer one-day ‘Introduction to Entrepreneurship’ workshops and seven-day ‘mini-MBA’ boot camps. The program was created by His Royal Highness...
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